"What we speak becomes the house we live in." Hafez

Welcome to my world of audio. I love to create, and recognize sometimes later rather than sooner, how truly important it is for me. I love the power in words, and the way in which we can deliver them. Podcasts are where I get to collaborate with people I love, talking about, well LIFE. Have a listen.



It takes only a single step to make a positive change in your life: body, mind, and soul. Join Pamella and her mom Janet, as they talk about all the ways in which they have tried to design a healthy lifestyle. Two different generations with lessons and insights to better relate to you!


Join Pamella Heikel and Kate Case as they dive into discussions that only long-time soul sisters and colleagues can have. They riff about being both skeptics and questioning patriarchal norms AND mystics who believe in a direct experience with something More. Join them as they bridge the gap between the everyday and the sacred as they explore the pitfalls of any one particular linear dogmatic perspective and the strengths that come from living in a cyclical fluid way in rhythm with Nature PLUS their struggles (and celebrations!) with both.