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Healthy Lifestyle Design: RNMB September Essentials

My mantra has been and IS: Rest, Nourish, Move, Be (RNMB)…yet sometimes I forget to talk about it more and more with all of you. Everyday I am shifting habits and discovering what I need to support my journey today, so I thought, why not be more diligent about it and share it with you here.

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What I know for sure? This modern world is designed in such a way that we are always reacting. When we react, guess what? We find ourselves in the fight/flight/freeze mode. We are bombarded with deadlines, expectations from others and ourselves, negativity and violence on media, and our own judgemental mind. We juggle jobs, tasks, family, children, finances; all the while compromising our health. Isn't that NUTS! It's crazy.

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