Photo by  Andrea Natali  on  Unsplash     A CAT BECAUSE THIS IS A DOUCHEY POST.

Photo by Andrea Natali on Unsplash    A CAT BECAUSE THIS IS A DOUCHEY POST.

READER NOTE: I wrote this post in February and then abandoned it. It's douchey. I mean, I don't write shit like this. I've tried before, and on other social media channels to share what my current fucking mood is and what I am currently into, and my weekly vibe bullshit.

I left this post because it didn't feel real. BUT...I decided to publish it with some updates to give you a glimpse into what's up with me. What I am filling my time with other than major couch surfing time!

Here's the catch...below in the comments, I'd rather hear about what you are listening to, what you are reading, how you are staying active, and more. So do me that one solid, will ya?


For a lack of a better word, I thought I would add a post about the "STUFF" I am currently digging this month. Maybe in the future, "STUFF" will change to something more, I don't know, eloquent? Articulate? Smary-pants? Yeah, probably not.

So in no particular order or importance, here is my jam this year, this month, so far:


Late at night you can find me ferociously scouring the depths of iTunes looking for new sounds to soothe my tortured soul. I kid. Kind of. Gathered all in one playlist that I constantly add to called, Halfway to Spring. Listen here.

UPDATE: Apparently I am FULL INTO SPRING NOW, with this playlist: listen here.


Local Coffee Shops that I haunt. Literally. I'm usually seen with an Americano Misto.


I keep it simple these days.


I am deeply obsessed with podcasts. I probably listen to them more than music. Here are my top hard to choose!


I have a few books on the go right now:


What am I watching? Full reveal people. FULL REVEAL:


I don't wear perfume for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is I am allergic. What does that tell you! I use pure essential oils instead. Here are a few of my favs and how I use them. I use so many more, but these are my core ones:

  • Whisper, I use this as my go to perfume scent. You can see it here.
  • Tea Tree, I use this on any blemishes, redness, cuts, etc. You can see it here.
  • Frankincense + Geranium for great looking skin and fine lines!


I decided to get off the couch, literally, quit complaining and actually do something about it. Over the past four years I have gained about 30+ pounds. This is new territory for me. I have never had to watch my weight. But, chronic anemia as well as a shitty attitude left me exhausted and unable to be active, consistently.

So, I started to walk more. My mom and I created a FREE walking club, you can learn more about here. Then, this past Fall I broke my baby toe, and well, was a baby about it.

Now I feel healed. My iron situation is under control, and I am ready to stop bitching about it all.

I am now in week 3 of Body Boss Method. There are tons of these HITT programs available. I purchased this one last April, and found it too challenging when my iron was low. It doesn't have to be a complicated program. I am using this one because I already bought it and it is set up for me. I do it at home three times a week. I add other activities like walking, yoga and qigong.

After two weeks of the program and watching what I eat, I lost my belly. I was using my fibroid as the reason why I had a protruding belly. NOPE. I just gained weight. TRUE STORY.


Well folks, that's the end of my douchey post. It was hanging out as a draft and I thought, why not just hit publish.



p.s. if you want to talk more about how you can make some changes to your current lifestyle design, we can do that. Book a FREE 45 min chat with me and let's go from there. You can also connect with me through my newsletter here.