Healthy Lifestyle Design: RNMB September Essentials

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My mantra has been and IS: Rest, Nourish, Move, Be (RNMB)…yet sometimes I forget to talk about it more and more with all of you. Everyday I am shifting habits and discovering what I need to support my journey today, so I thought, why not be more diligent about it and share it with you here.

Let’s see if this will be a monthly recount or a weekly practice…or one thousand per cent random. Hmmmm….let’s see.

Let’s recap what was going on with me in September and how I made adjustments to my healthy lifestyle design.

REST: I have shifted my healing protocol dramatically. Rest was prescribed for me. So I rested in all aspects. I took a break from trying to add intense workouts to my schedule. I rested from committed workout schedules and that included my Sunday morning Walking Club and pausing my Qigong Classes. I slept. I nested. I stopped the multitasking. I focused. OH, and I have been receiving weekly acupuncture with herbal supplements and 2 hour full body massages. OK…and adding bath time back in.

NOURISH: A big one for me. I became more aware of what I was eating, meaning, what were my meals throughout my day comprised of. Was my body receiving the nutrients and energy it needed from my food. I cooked more at home and ate out less. Eggs and leftover veggies for breakfast; oatmeal with fruit when my body called for it; more fats like avocado and olives, and for me more animal protein like fish. Apples are in season and I have between 1-2 a day, all varieties. AND I have been sipping relaxing herbal teas in the evening before bed.

MOVE: OK, so you may be wondering what I have done differently in this area since I said I have suspended my exercise routine! Well…I have been focusing on real living movement like: walking everywhere as much as I can; taking the stairs when I can; cleaning at home (doing dishes, laundry, changing the bed sheets, vacuuming, constant organizing). Bringing mindfulness into my daily living and seeing where I can add more natural nourishing movement.

BE: This area in life for me is different from REST, but there is overlap of course. As I shifted and focused more intensely on my health and healing, the emotions became wide and deep. It took all of me from not running away or drowning. I made the decision to embrace all the feelings that were surfacing from the depths; and to me this is where the real healing can begin. Surrendering to the resistance that I have built over many decades; and letting go rather than this idea of HOLDING ON TO RECONCILE. NOPE. NOT ME. NOT ANYMORE. GONE. GOODBYE. So this work in this area of my life asks me to be present and to ride that wave of feeling to it’s core. How do I stay present? Breath. Always and forever for me. Feeling my breath move in my body. Knowing that when I focus on my breath then I know I am alive, present, surviving, and well. And that is all I need to be and know right at this moment.

The difference between my list of Essentials is that they are not products. Maybe sometimes, but for the most part they are practices and services that can be available to anyone, anywhere. As we continue to move and pulse through October I am continuing with those new habits I just recounted. I have added in some yoga (I am in the middle of my teacher training); my tea game is getting stronger; I see the need to get better at my water; and begin to work on a more committed sleep schedule.

Now it is your turn. Comment below and let me know what essentials you are adding to your healthy lifestyle design? Remember, it’s all about progress not perfection. It should also be fluid and not cemented. Be easy. Go easy.

If you struggle a bit on finding the motivation and need some support and accountability, then that is where I can come in. Let’s begin with a chat to see if we are meant to work together this season. Click here to schedule a time.

Always supporting you,

Pamella xo