Ask + Get!

Here I sit, overwhelmed in my day. September has me running around like a Rooster (it's the year of the Rooster and so is my husband, this Tiger gets exhausted from this energy). There are all these opportunities coming my way, and they cost MONEY. YUP, the big ugly M word in my vocabulary. You dig?

I'm the product of parents that fear money. They grew up in scarcity. In fact my dad grew up during the depression. WHOA. I have to admit, and I will do it here, Money and I do not have a healthy relationship. Oh how I love to hold it I buy, buy, buy. I'm a buyer. Mostly out of anxiety. I do make smart purchases, but I also make impulse purchases. As an earthly Taurus I love materials things. I love to be surrounded by beauty. I am NOT a hoarder though. I've learned to minimize my footprint as much as I can, and the older and wiser I become I understand that less is truly more.

Here's the thing, I don't have a problem with getting what I want. True, there is often some turmoil around it. But what I don't feel like I have the right to, is to ASK for what I want.

Here's the difference for me: when I push and push to get what I want it's mostly out of fear, and it's to fill discomfort within myself.

When you ask for what you want, you are opening your heart to the universal flow of abundance. That ocean of giving that is available to everyone.

I'm writing about this today because a good friend of mine (an amazing author! Check her out here) brought up her blocks around abundance. She is aware of the ocean, and ONLY takes what she needs and says, that's enough. But today she declared, "I want more. I want abundance."

So how do we go from a place of lack to a place of abundance. I may not have the answer for you, but I have a place for you to start. This is something that I will be working on, and a vision board will be the first place I will start.

How To Ask For What You Want... And Get It:
The 4-Step System

Step #1:  Accept and embrace personal responsibility for your desires and appetites - in every area of your life (YOU are the creator of your results and your reality)

Keep in mind that….

  • Transformation begins with you
  • Nothing changes until you change
  • You can’t change anyone else; only yourself

Step #2: Answer honestly for yourself the question “What do you want?”

If you’re not sure, take a piece of paper and make three columns (What in my life is going well?, What in my life is not going well?, What would I like to be experiencing instead?)

Step #3: Do Laser Ecology checks and reframe losses as GAINS. It looks like this:

Imagine receiving what you want as if it is happening right now (how does it look, feel, sound, etc). Then, ask yourself: Are you aware of any problems or difficulties that might happen when you [insert desired result]?

Finally, reframe any potential loses as GAINS.

Step #4: Ask for what you want

HEAR yourself SAY exactly what you want. "You know what I would love..."

Try out the above exercise, and perhaps begin scratching the surface. After you discover what you want, make a vision board. Then, declare it and share it!

Have a day filled with abundance!


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