Accidental Beach, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Accidental Beach, Edmonton, AB, Canada

I haven't made a point of recapping a month before. I decided that August, that damn feline, deserved an encore. And so, here are highlights, lo-lights, and in-betweens of the month, in no particular order or importance:

  1. Community - I've learned more and more that community is necessary for support and growth. It holds you accountable, inspires, encourages, and comforts. Guess what? You have the freedom to choose who is a part of your community/tribe/clan/sangha.
  2. Boundaries - WHOA...a tricky one for me. As a lone wolf nurturer, yup it's a thing, I struggle with giving too much until I feel burdened. The next item, is the solution.
  3. Caring - It comes from a place of fear. Rather love is what we want to tap into and demonstrate. Love is an action. The people in your life, want to see your love as a signal that you are present and are able to turn your focus toward them. That is an act of selflessness.
  4. Weather - It's unpredictable and for me it greatly affects me on every level. This month was particularly challenging. From eclipses, to smoke, wind, and heat; I was rendered exhausted most of the time. And with that, I learned to let go and rest. However, I will admit, that there was a bit of guilt surrounding that as others around me did not have the luxury to take time off.
  5. Nourishment - My body needs good food. I am at my best when I am feeding my body the food it needs. Junk food, rightly termed, is fleeting and harmful. When I feed my body properly, it becomes the most loving act for myself and others.
  6. Movement - My Walking Club is growing and so is my passion for this simple movement. I cannot get enough of walking and pouring over the research behind it. I strive for 10,000 or more steps a day. It's my daily goal. When I do not meet that goal I see a direct impact on my mental and physical health.
  7. Rest - My sleeping sucked all month. I was averaging between 5-7 hours of sleep. That is not enough. Not for me or anyone. I taught a workshop on Sleep Hygiene earlier this month. I was shocked to see that people still seek the quick fix. Proper rest requires changes and shifts in our lifestyle.
  8. Be - There is a lot to unpack in this word. For me it is patience. All Summer I was trying to rush the NOW. Things got postponed and put on hold. I was at the mercy of others. It's true the saying, Good things come to those who wait. So what do we do as we wait? Bring our focus back to the present moment and be grateful for it. So when I let go of expectations, I was able to relax into and enjoy the present moment.
  9. Relationships - All we need is the presence of others. My partner's business was and is bananas. As it grows so does his responsibilities. Our Summer was jammed packed with work. When he had any down time, he needed it for himself. At first, many firsts, I became crushed when he did not want to spend time with me. I came to realize that all he wanted to do was be with me. First he needed time for himself. He needed self-care. It took me this Summer to finally come to my partner to say, "I'm here for you." That is all. I expected nothing from him; yet gave him my presence and focus when he needed it. This time of busyness is just a blip on the road of our journey together. It's a phase and it will pass.
  10. Detachment - I learned a hard lesson that was presented to me over 10 years ago: I am not responsible nor a part of the reaction of others towards me. It may sound selfish, that's why it took me a long time to accept it. If I choose to be an ass to someone, then I have to deal with the repercussions; however, how others choose to respond to me is not my fault or doing. I am learning to take command of my actions, my words, and my thoughts.

Well, that was a little deep. It certainly was not a recap on my favourite restaurants, songs, movies, or health food item. But I feel it was so much more than that. THIS IS LIFE. Learning through each obstacle, emotion, and action.

So, what did you learn this Summer? I would love to hear! Please do comment below.

Peace Out


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