Photo by  Jon Tyson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

So...pause...there were a few things I wanted to write about today. Frantically write. Try keeping up with the firing synapses in my brain. My husband will tell you it's impossible.

FIRST, I wanted to write about what's going down way down south. Then I decided not too. I think it is being covered, maybe not well, but visible nonetheless.

THEN I wanted to talk about how I got sucker punched energetically in my solar plexus. I was composing as I walked to my local cafe, Woodrack. Check it out if you live in Edmonton.

THEN, I arrived at the cafe, ordered my drink and beet hummus (yes it is a thing), and sat down.

NEXT, I heard a woman wrap up a coffee meeting and announce she is going to say hi to an old friend. I knew that was me. See, I have this thing, which I never knew about until my husband pointed it out - I can throw my ear anywhere in a room. Well, that's how he describes it, and he's right. I can hear ALL conversations around me.

I rose from my seat and went to hug my friend, comrade, past colleague. It was lovely, and divinely timed like all of these occurrences, wouldn't you agree. In a matter of moments we caught each other up, got goosebumps, and then planned a proper reunion.

That brief yet profound moment made me be so incredibly present. It also incited me to be aware and express my gratitude. So here it goes:

I AM GRATEFUL FOR: chance meetings, friends, women, great coffee, energetic exchanges, deep sharing, vulnerability, and strong fierce mama bears. If she is reading this, then she knows I am talking about her.

Be present people. Take a moment to pause, collect yourself, observe your surroundings, make eye contact with a fellow human and smile, tilt your head up to the sky to listen to the birds, take a deep breath and slowly release it feeling it in your body, pray, and sometimes, allow yourself to weep at the beauty of this wondrous world!

With love and deep deep gratitude


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