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The full moon phase is gently slipping away - GO NOW PLEASE! Phew. So here I sit, writing after an interesting day of meetings and bumping into former colleagues, to planning a new workshop (stay tuned). And I exhale realizing I have been holding my breath, slightly. Deflate.

The sun is hot. My AC is on. My home is clean and organized. Dinner is on the horizon. And, my passion is leading me here, to you, to this journal, to these words, to my soul. Deep. I know.

I dove into a "fun" book I recently downloaded called No Baggage - A Minimalist Tale of Love and Wandering by Clara Bensen. It was recommended by a member of a Facebook Travel Group by Encircled. Do visit the links I provided. Great reading, amazing Canada Made Clothing, and Travel insights and Tips.

Anyway, as I was reading No Baggage, I happened upon two nuggets in the book. Separate, yet related.

First one:

Just because you may feel lost doesn’t mean you can’t explore.
— Main Character's Mother - Clara Bensen

There are going to be a GAZILLION times in your life where you wake up, stop, sigh, inhale, exhale and think, "What the fuck!?!?" What am I doing? Where am I going? Who am I? What does this all mean? will never really, truly, find the answer. However, you will continually find purpose and passion. They will drive you...crazy. Kidding, well sometimes. They will lead you down the path, they will ignite and reignite, they will fizzle, they will shine, they will change, many many times. And that is OKAY. Really. It's OKAY.

Here's the thing. I believe life is about exploring. It is about falling, down, side ways, upwards, and inwards. Life is about learning, loving, hating, remembering, forgetting, creating, destroying. All of it. ALL OF IT. The secret, is in a DVD, no wait, I kid. The secret is to NEVER EVER STOP EXPLORING! Pick up a book. Call a friend. Visit a new place or space. Change your routine. Change your habits. Google the shit out of things. Take a class. Make a class. Just do it. Ah fuck-off Nike, you really won the lottery on that one.

Exploring always leads you out of where you are - one step at a time. Or a run. Perhaps a leap. I prefer skipping. Not with a rope.

Next one:

Life is about trust. Nothing happens until you take a step out. The Universe gives nothing to those who do not trust.
— Clara Bensen

When life feels a little out of sorts, it's hard I get it, but the key is to believe that you are where you are meant to be. As long as you are willing and able to take a step, in any direction, the act of propelling forward will set your life in motion. You sit on your ass and complain about life, well, nothing is going to happen except a total shut down physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Kapiche?


  • Google a new word, place or activity
  • Sign up for a new class
  • Read a new book that you would not normally read
  • Visit a new place where you live
  • Try a new food or cook it
  • Take a different route to work
  • Listen to new music

Not sometimes, but all the time, when you step outside of your routine, that is where change is ready to meet you with a smile and a gentle tug.

Let's trust, that we know where we are going.

Love to you. Truly.

Peace out!


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