How do you move? 

How do you move? 

Do you make room for movement in your day? What does your movement look like?

I work from home. It's easy to stay home, no moving, no socializing, and no fresh air. FRESH AIR!

Today it's a bit rainy out. I actually welcome these days - where we can slow down a little bit. So my day looked like this:

  • smoothie
  • a moment of silence  
  • social media catch up  
  • laundry  
  • stretching (I have a great stair railing where I can bring out my inner ballerina) 
  • goal setting (I set up accountability with a long distance friend of mine. We goal set on Monday and check in throughout the week)
  • work with my husband via phone  
  • now a quick jaunt to a local cafe for take out as a treat (almond milk latte and a kale tofu Caesar salad) please check out Cafe Mosaics!  

Wherever your day is, whatever your day looks like; get in those steps and move your body! 

Check out a podcast here that I did with Jane Clapp about the future of movement. It's fascinating!  

To help guide and inspire, I use BellaBeat to track my movement. It really opened my eyes up to what a quality day looks and feels like and how movement impacts our mood! Consider getting one. Check it out here.  


Peace Out