Our Health Care System, and thus our government has failed us. It seems that everyday I am witnessing some fatal flaw in our health care system. I am having conversations with friends that I bump into on the street about how we need to invest in proper way finding when it comes to navigating our health care system. I am having conversations with friends and colleagues that have had to become their own health advocates. I am left dumb-founded when I hear health care practitioners recommend outdated prescriptions for health and are engaged in quick-fix, pill-popping remedies themselves.

I am left wondering, "does anyone care about the health of our world, country, city, community, family, or self?" Our governments are still allowing "Health Professionals" recommend and refer to outdated, and quite honestly, never accurate, health and wellness guidelines like SAD (Standard American Diet) and the Canadian Food Good.

We are still talking about, trying, failing, and creating diets that are unsafe and ineffective.

Our health is being replaced by diabetes, obesity, chronic illnesses, and cancer; all of which are reversible. Our media is tuned into global terrorism and war crimes, yet what about the crimes that are being made against our rights to be healthy!

I get it that not everyone finds joy in cracking open a book about health, anatomy, food science, etc. However, if the greater good is not looking out for our best interests, and you are suffering due to poor health, then I feel it's time you get serious and become responsible. You never have to do anything alone.

I am not concerned about our health out of vanity. My wish is that everyone can experience optimal health. When we educate ourselves about our body and food and begin to develop awareness and live healthfully, then it is IN MY OPINION that whatever ails us will begin to disappear.

You'd be surprised what dis-eases, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are directly related to how we eat and how we move.

So, can we get there already. Can we become a world, a society where we reconnect with our bodies and our environments and strive to take care of both? Loving ourselves is about feeling good about who we are and protecting where we came from.

That's it for now. I can go on, and I will in another post. The intent of this piece of writing is to get you to begin to think critically. Crack open issues. Explore what you believe. Research. Engage people in your network. Experiment. Discover your truth. Make some changes. Ultimately, live better.