What's been the vibe for you so far in 2017? Mine has been messy. Yup. Cafe working and a friend and former colleague popped in today. Her vibe: introverted. I can relate. Toward the end of November 2016, I slipped into deep healing and hibernation mode. I had my third blood transfusion, and my husband was away for two months. So here is how my transition into 2017 went:

  • Sleep. A lot of rest.
  • Reading for pleasure. I paused all work related activities.
  • Family. I spent all my time with my mom and dad. And what a gift that was.
  • Connecting with the messages from my body. Deep meditation and contemplation.

I don't think I have ever slept so much in my life before. There was moments of deep sleep and moments of resting. I dived deep into fantasy land through fiction. It was a nice treat.

Family time was the most healing for me. I feel I was able to connect with my mom and dad, separately in a way I never had before. I got to see them as people; not my parents but as their own person. I also began to see myself more and more in each of them. It has been a truly remarkable time and such a gift. Both of my parents are at different ages and stages in their lives. I have so much wisdom at my fingertips from both of them.

During this time, I have come to realize even more where I hold my emotions and which are most dominant for me. I am an over-thinker and a worrier just like my dad. We cling, we hang on, we ruminate. It leaves us both with gut problems that we are always trying to navigate.

Now it's April. I am beginning to come out of this hazy messy place a bit. Just a bit. There is a glimmer of clarity unlike the past transitional months, not unlike the above words I wrote! Everything seemed so unknown, hidden and jumbled.

Today I listened to an episode from my favourite podcast: The RobCast with Rob Bell. Listen here. This particular episode is called: Good News About Nothing. Here is the thing: we are always comparing, checking off items on a list, setting goals, striving to achieve them, making sure we are busy keeping busy, and always trying to out perform our last performance. And I get that. Because I often live there too.

The good news? The Universe, God, the Divine, whatever your jam is, did not intend life to be this way or that way. It is in the nothing that we meet the divine. And let me tell you, these past 4 months for me, I did, I have, and continue to meet her/him. However, during my down time I did feel that perhaps I was being lazy and unproductive. I let others and other circumstances make me feel that I was not achieving and contributing. That I was not climbing high enough and fast enough. I made myself feel that way as I was an onlooker to those I see online and off.

I had to reel myself in. I had to ask myself what does my life look like right now? How do I feel right now? And come to trust that I am where I am meant to be. I have dreams, and goals, and a sense where I want to journey to, but I also want to savour the present moments and ensure that I am using my energy for things that are dear and important to me right now.

So, can we take it easy? When we feel we are doing nothing, can we instead see that we are doing everything? Rather than thinking time is running out and I need to accomplish x, y, and z; can we instead think about how and with whom we want to spend that time with? Can we reinvest our time and energy on ourselves? Because truly without being healthy how can we possibly enjoy this life?

To make things a little more focused I have been using this as a guide to ensure that I am being the best version of me. Doing nothing looks like this:

  1. Rest: a regular sleep schedule ensures that this finely tuned body remains tuned. This has always been a struggle for me and still is. However, may I suggest you try to aim for 7-9 hours of sleep, retiring and rising the same time each day. Your body will love you for it!
  2. Nourish: bringing mindfulness into how we feed our body, mind and soul. Think whole foods, hydration, consuming positive content, and whatever makes you feel good. Again, be consistent with times you eat!
  3. Move: getting your body moving. Walking is the golden ticket. It helps to pump blood and oxygen though our body. It aides in detoxification. It helps to lubricate our joints and keep inflammation at bay. It is healing on all levels. Become aware of how you move through your day. Get curious and explore new ways!
  4. Be: you've heard about mindfulness and mediation a lot. And I have a sense from talking with clients, that there is this expectation that we should be dropping to our mats and checking out for long periods of time. NO. Stop this insanity. Aim to connect with your breath throughout your day, 3 minutes at a time. Yup, that's it. Just start there.

If we would see that doing nothing is doing everything then I KNOW that we would discover a new connection and meaning to life. We are always doing something if we decide that we need to take care of ourselves.

Can you make this promise to yourself? Because you deserve it!