But first, today I read a Facebook post from a colleague/teacher/mentor that talked about creativity. Specifically finding time to be creative. All of us. Let me repeat: ALL OF US wish for more time to create. Clearly defined untouchable time to move in a space of our own to do as we please. AND, when we find said place and time, we will get down to some serious creative business. Seriously.

Reality check: how often does this happen? How often can this happen? Exactly.

So we surrender our need to create based on this delusional idea of the perfect time.

The MAD creativeness that does happen however, happens in stolen time: 5 minutes here, 1 hour there, 10 minutes yonder.

Am I right? Can you recall a time where you were caught up in that whirlwind of creative waviness. It was exhilarating, uninhibited, a primal response to a real need.

And what you did in that borrowed time? It was brilliant right? Fucking amazing! Yes?

So, my message to you about finding time to get down and creative...stop complaining, whining, and being truly goddamn lazy. And hey, if you get offended, don't fret. This message is coming from me FOR me because I am one of the laziest people I know. I actually have come to revel in my laziness. As a Taurus it is a pure art form that not everyone is comfortable with. HA. If you are still offended, then clearly these words, not me, has touched a nerve. So, ditch the lame excuses, and steal and borrow time all over the place!

So here goes my poem for today. If we have not been properly introduced...I died a poet, was born a poet, and will eternally remain first and foremost a poet.


I lurched forward across the table knocking over my tea

The cup smashed brilliantly on the floor creating my own personal milky way

And there I began to connect the dots

Drawing my own constellations of: love, fear, joy, elation, revelation, disappointment and greed.

Snorting the remnants of my herbal tea

Diving headlong into the veins of the marble floor

I reached for my eraser and scratched out, snuffed out, blew out my sense of past

Trapped it was in dreams filled with faces I'd rather forget

Each year adds more recognition

Each year my dreamland adds another level



Until I decide to take the leap

Grabbing for today.

Just today.

Only today.

Just him.