According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Spring begins in the new year which is February. It's where we switch from hibernation mode into awake mode. We begin to transition from the deep freeze of our mental state, and we become invigorated!

We move from kidney energy to liver energy. ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! You may suddenly be experiencing bursts of energy. If we don't attend to our liver, and acknowledge this need for movement, then it can quickly turn into anger.

I'm experiencing a burst of energy. Well, actually multiple bursts! Yesterday I started a new movement program that involves HITT workouts at home. There may have been some vomit involved. I discovered The Body Boss Method online. And I think I may love it! I had a new client call this morning, switched both of our businesses over to G-Suite, with only ONE support call. Phew!

The key is to keep an even momentum and not to burn ourselves out. So although we may be witnessing a new zest for life and an uncontrollable level of energy, we still need to nourish, rest, and be mindful.

So...are you feeling alive and awake?