I am crushing on a few things lately that I thought I would share with you. You know, the usual, books, music, food, travel, that sort of thing.

Let's dive in:

I am into ALL THINGS Suzanne Somers. What I love about Suzanne is that she shares with the public all her health-related experiences from healing from toxic mold, cancer, high blood pressure, and aging gracefully.

Early today I hopped onto YouTube and searched some great episodes of Three's a Company. This is one of my favourite episodes.

Music that has touched my soul lately: Pretenders. HUGE fan. Always have been. Chrissie Hynde rocks my world. They have released a new album. My all time favourite songs are here, here, and here.

Just last week, while on an epic music journey, I happened upon a song that has haunted me for almost two decades, Song to the Siren originally performed by Tim Buckley. You can enjoy the original version here. The one that I heard was performed years later by Mortal Coil. Listen here.

Nourishment, ah yes. For the past two months I have added Bullet Proof Coffee to my morning routine. I love it. I don't drink coffee to wake up or to give me an energy boost. In fact it doesn't. I love the smell and taste of rich, dark coffee. Bullet Proofing allows me to get in some protein and yummy fats into my system in the morning. It sets me up for success for the rest of the day. You can find the recipe here. I also add some other superfoods to it from time to time like maca, or raw cacao, etc. 

For almost four months now, I have been wearing my Bella Beat. I dig it. It allows me to keep track of my daily movement, my sleep cycle, meditation, my menstrual cycle and with all that information it can calculate my stress tolerance. It's not a perfect science, but it does provide insight into managing energy and moods.

I also purchased two Kundalini gowns by Myrah Penaloza. I have not received them yet. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I bought this one, and this one.

Another of my most recent fashion finds is a Canadian company called Encircled. Their clothing is made in Canada and is high quality simple pieces that you can wear anywhere and everywhere. Especially for travelling. I am enjoying these pants.

Every two years my husband flies home to Egypt to visit our family. This year I stayed behind. While away I decided to NOT shave my legs as an experiment. But really, I was just too lazy. Then I happened upon Oui Shave, a company that is bringing back the old school razors. So, both my mom and I got one. Here's the thing, one beautiful German-made razor is all you need for the perfect shave. It's not triple action, yet my hair does not grow back as fast. It's also gold and the weight becomes the natural pressure for a proper shave. Discover Oui Shave here, and get re-educated on the art of shaving.

NOW, this May, my mother and I are off to Bali for one whole month to celebrate her birthday year. I cannot wait. This is her dream trip, quickly turning into mine. Although I travel quite a bit, I feel I can always improve my packing game if you know what I mean. So we discovered this luggage line, Biaggi. It's compact, smart, and effective at making travelling easier. Check out the product here, and then watch this packing tutorial here.

Books! What I am NOT reading? A dear friend of mine bought me Caroline Myss' book, Anatomy of the Spirit a few years back, and it is finally calling to me to read. When I am in down-time mode, I reach for my bodice-ripping historical romance, Outlander, which is also a TV show. I am obsessed. It's the perfect setting to whisk me away.

Podcasts, the best way to enjoy commuting in my car. Still in the number one spot is Rob Bell's Rob Cast. YOU MUST listen. That is all. Here. My number two is Ana Faris is Unqualified! She's great. Listen in here.

Well I think that's good for now. Share with me your favourite things, routines, and finds.

Until next time,

Peace + Love




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