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Can we take a moment to pause? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...inhale, hold, exhale, hold, and release.

That feels SO MUCH BETTER. Are you ready?

I use to abhor this time of year. Winter in general. I felt out-of-sorts, sullen, demotivated, and generally crawling in my skin.

A few years ago I got hip to living in alignment with nature in all ways and all seasons, and that included Winter.

You see, there is wisdom in nature. It's our compass. It's our clock. It's the way in which we navigate our external and internal words. What we observe externally with nature, we embody internally. Give it a try.

So during this Winter season, we are in a period of peace, stillness, pause. A place where we can release past efforts and successes. A time to be still and fortify our body, mind and soul with nourishment, rest and gentle movement. It's also a time where we can chew on ideas and plans and set a pace and strategy to execute them once the ice begins to thaw and Spring springs on us. See what I did there.

Here I sit, seriously, as I watch cars drive by, people mill about, and feel the slight frenzy in the air, all while nature is calling us to simmer down, if just for a moment.

It's OK. It's SO OK. It's REALLY OK. It's TRULY OK to sit back, relax and do NOTHING. If you have an aversion to that word, well I invite you to embrace it a little bit. NOTHING. NO - THING.

I quite like this definition of nothing: having no prospect of progress.

Having no prospect of progress.

How does that sit with you? Does it make you anxious? Do you tense up? Where do you feel yourself bracing? What thoughts come to mind? Do you begin to compare yourself with others?

My wish for you this new year is this...To NOT care about what anyone thinks. To NOT care about what everyone else is doing.

When you feel a little lost, anxious, or overwhelmed, I invite you to look outside or be outside and just breath in the energy of nature. SHE will guide you throughout your day. SHE will guide you throughout your week. SHE will guide you throughout your month. SHE will guide you throughout your year. SHE will guide you within. Deep.

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Thoughts? Leave your comments below!

Peace out!


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