Photo by  Greg Ortega  on  Unsplash

Photo by Greg Ortega on Unsplash

Today I embarked on a new journey; one that has been a bubbling desire since I can remember. Singing. Yup, flexing those vocal chords, open and vulnerable, and a little uncomfortable.

I grew up surrounded by music. Both my parents loved music, and I got the pleasure of being influenced by many genres and singers, from Loretta Lynn to Led Zepplin; Elvis Presley to The Doors, and so much more.

So...I thought the right time is right now to learn something new. When I hear a song I love, there is this well of excitement within me wanting to belt out the lyrics. When I see others singing Karaoke, I want to be the one up there performing. Fear and judgement, and the feeling of not knowing what the heck I am doing has stopped me.

In September I was searching for new opportunities and challenges to take on to help me stretch and grow. I was feeling a little stagnant after the Summer. I signed up for a six month mindfulness program and seven weeks of singing classes. The mindfulness program is something comfortable, like a favourite sweater. The singing class is like being pitched from a plane with no parachute.

I showed up for my lesson today with no expectations of myself. There were jitters for sure and a scratchy voice. I approached today with my heart and soul wide open and my critical brain on hold.

Erika, my teacher, put me at ease instantly, I guess that's her job. She set the stage for me and instantly I started practicing chords. Ok, remember I said I've been exposed to music since I was young. Great. However, I have never picked up an instrument nor have my parents. Correction - my mom apparently played the piano when she was young and has been described as gifted. My father, I do remember him always singing to me and playing the harmonica. I suppose I blocked that all out. What I mean is, I have no musical vocabulary. It's completely foreign to me: tone, pitch, cords, octave, etc.

What I learned today is that we are all singers. Talking is singing, and I am a great speaker! I also learned that we are instruments: power, source, filter. I told Erika that I am such a geek when it comes to learning stuff. Anything. I want to know, dissect, discuss, understand, and try. So she broke it down for me. I'm a very hands on physical learner and also visual as well. To have her describe singing as exercise was the perfect approach for me. I don't have to get it from day one, I get to practice and improve.

Am I looking to moonlight as a jazz singer. Not exactly, although I would not turn down the opportunity.

I want to learn something new. I want to honour those long deep desires I have. I want to remain curious in life.

For the next seven weeks I will be practicing my chords, playing with my voice, and making interesting noises.

Oh, before I wrap this up, I need to explain the title of this post: power, source, filter. See, nothing is separate. Everything is connected. In the context of singing, power is the diaphragm/chest area where we use breath to provide the steam for the voice; source is where the vibration comes from, our vocal chords in our throat; filter is our mouth/jaw/cheeks where we manipulate the vibration and turn it into sound. Those are my words and my way of understanding the anatomy of sound/singing.

With all things in life, breath is the power that propels us forward.

I will continue to explore these concepts and tie them back to the things that I know and practice like meditation, pranayama, and qigong. If you are interested this is where I am taking lessons: One Voice Vocal Studio.

I'm looking forward to transforming my "OM" into a song.

Before I leave you, a question: What is one thing that scares you? Comment below, or send me an email, I would love to know what your desires are!

Peace out!


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