Well, the holiday season is upon us. Regardless of how you celebrate this time of year be it Hanukah, Christmas, Yule/Solstice, even Festivus, or perhaps nothing at all, there is no denying the frenzied energy in the air.

Enter meditation, or what I simply love to call breathing. Creating moments where we consciously connect with our breath is the most powerful, and accessible way to help ground us and reset our nervous system.

Lately, I have been practicing Metta Meditation, or Loving-Kindness. It's a traditional practice that is simple yet profound. There are a few iterations on the "mantra" that you repeat silently to yourself to help focus your energy and open your heart. The basic one that I like to use goes like this:

May I be safe. May I be healthy.

May I be happy. May I live with ease.

The practice of Metta Meditation follows this thought:

  1. We first practice sending loving-kindness to ourselves.
  2. Then we send loving kindness to our loved ones, pets included and even our masters/teachers.
  3. Next we send loving-kindness to someone neutral. Perhaps a stranger or someone we see at a store or passing by us.
  4. Then we practice sending loving-kindness to those that we may have some friction or conflict with. Go easy with this one. Only embark on this path when you feel ready.
  5. Then we send loving-kindness to the world.

Your practice can be 3 minutes, or 20 minutes, whatever is most comfortable for you. Witness the shift in yourself and your relationships when you begin to practice this type of meditation. You will be amazed! I promise.

I am sharing an interview and meditation by Sharon Salzberg, one of my favourite teachers. If you have time, listen to her discuss Metta and guide you in a mediation. If you want to jump into the mediation it starts at 14:32 and finishes at 31:44, just under 20 minutes.

I will be starting a Metta Meditation Class in Edmonton beginning on January 12, 2017. You can find out more about my workshops here.

Please enjoy!

Peace Out,