The new me photos, lovingly designed and curated by Linda Patterson at Love Light and Shadows

The new me photos, lovingly designed and curated by Linda Patterson at Love Light and Shadows

Sometimes I believe I am Shakespeare incarnate. It’s true. His words, his poetry, felt like home to me the first time I read them. I think that was Grade 6?

I recently stumbled onto this quote from him:

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” 

So here I am, a new website, a new presence, a new career. Does that mean a new me?

Kind of. It’s a new edition, unveiling, side, source, poem, prose, approach, perspective.

Getting here wasn’t easy. What was truly easy for me was the learning and studying and practice, because that’s what I do in my sleep. 

That hard part? Asking for help and trusting others. That damn thing called money got in the way for a bit. Once I pushed it to the curb, I invested in myself and a pretty kick-ass team to help me create and manifest. I want to thank Faaiza and her team from OnPurpose in working with me, against me, and for me. 

I believe the Universe has our back. I also believe we have it in ourselves to make our dreams come true. That means we have to roll up our sleeves and get serious about what that means, and then, THEN, take that step and make that leap. Remember: you never have to go it alone. EVER.

So here I am, day one of my new site, my new career and living on purpose thanks to a community of friends and professionals that held my vision so that I could see clearly.

I invite you to have a peek around if you haven’t done so already. The lay of the land: I have workshops, I have podcast episodes that you can check out here or on Tenacious Living Network, and I have some pretty awesome health coaching sessions to help you pursue your goals. 

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So…onward we go. 

Peace out all.


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