Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. Sessions below.


Single Step

Single Step Session:
Positive change starts with a single step. 

I like to begin each potential coach and client journey with a free 45-minute session. During this session we’ll discuss what’s upsetting your mind and body balance, and determine if we feel our pairing is a good fit to help you make positive lifestyle changes.

Our Single Step Session may lead into the 14-Day Reboot Program,
30-Day Breathe Program or the 90-Day Pursuit Program.



14 Day

14-Day Reboot:
$397 or two payments of $248.50 + GST
Two weeks to immediately rewarding physical changes. 

Before we dive into a new routine, new habits, and new way of being, we have to clear the clutter. This 14-Day Reboot Cleanse Program is designed to help you start fresh, reboot your system, and reinforce your desire for change.

Quick but designed to create lasting impact, this package includes:

  • 3 x one hour sessions with me where we’ll discuss your goals and uncover strategies and small changes to help you achieve them (week one, week two, post cleanse)

  • Cleanse Package Guide (FAQ, food guide, supportive activities, recipes, description of phases)

  • Ongoing support via email and or text/phone



30-Day Breathe:
$149 + GST
Building a foundation for a healthy life.

Connect with your body, soothe your nervous system, and settle into a healthy rhythm that allows you to respond rather than react to life, and ultimately heal yourself. Current research says we only need to practice 3 minutes of focused, conscious breathing to help reset our nervous system into the rest and digest zone.

This program is delivered virtually, over the phone or Skype, while you are relaxing in the comforting settings of your home. This program includes:

  • 4 x one hour phone sessions

  • Follow-up emails with tips and weekly assignments

  • Audio guided meditation

  • Weekly journaling exercises

To create a habit, we need to build slowly and with accountability. Soon, your body will crave this new practice and state.




90-Day Pursuit:
Guiding you through healthy lifestyle design.

This program allows us the time to get to the root of any mind and body imbalances, and to build a foundation for long-term well-being. To begin, we will assess and address your current relationship to the four health essentials that are core to my approach: rest, nourishment, movement, mindfulness. Finding a balance that’s right for you is vital to you being in the best place to achieve meaningful change in the next part of the program.

We will then work together, taking our time to understand your goals and to reveal any areas of your life in which you would like to see a shift or improvement. We may end up focusing on physical, mental, professional or emotional adjustment, but our approach will always be to make small and manageable changes that lead to large and lasting success.

Overall, you will learn methods to increase self-care, leading to the following:

  • Increased energy

  • Body, mind, and soul connection

  • Increased drive, inspiration and purpose

  • Improved relationships

  • Laying of the ground work to move deeper into creating meaning and purpose in life

During our 90 days together you will receive:

  • A welcome package to start our journey (curated just for you)

  • Weekly 60 minute calls

  • Tools and resources to make healthy food choices, movement/exercise choices, and improve sleep

  • Teachings on meditation and breathing

  • Ongoing support via email and or text/phone


Single Coaching Sessions.

Sliding Scale Fees Per Session:
Underemployed $99 + GST
Employed $125 + GST
Comfortably Employed $150 + GST

Typically when we want to change a habit or pattern, it takes time. Clients usually commit to more than one session to see some significant changes and traction. However, single sessions or a few can help bring clarity and guidance to an issue that you may be interested in working on. We will examine your topic from a variety of levels including body, mind and spirit. Shifts can happen, and it is the right action to make a positive step in creating a healthy lifestyle design.